The Basin Wide Foundation was founded in 1996 as the Yucca Valley  
Foundation. Its purpose is to partner with other organizations  
throughout the Morongo Basin in developing programs intended to  
enhance the quality of life for the residents of its many communities  
and for the Morongo Basin as a whole. In mid-2001 the Foundation  
decided to change its name to the Basin Wide Foundation in order to  
better describe its total area of interest and concern.

Unlike other philanthropic foundations that help communities by  
collecting, managing and distributing money to deserving  
organizations, the Basin Wide Foundation helps by collecting,  
managing and distributing information about deserving non-profit  
service organizations in the Morongo Basin. Typical of its activities  
are the Foundations Annual Non-Profit Directory, and its Awards of  
Excellence and Forum Programs. This unique approach to servicing  
the community results in a form of facilitation wherein the  
dissemination of such information enhances the kind of public  
knowledge and awareness that helps bolster community support for  
these agencies.
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